Missions and Outreach

Teresa of Avila once said that we are to be the hands of Jesus in the world now.
The members of our own Missions Committee keep that mandate always before us. Every year they organize the collection of groceries for Thanksgiving Ingathering and each Christmas they gather and present gifts for two dozen local families.

Several years ago we involved people from a number of faith communities and raised $10,000 with the production of a Christmas music CD to help Project Access, which assists the homeless children who are students in the Quincy Public Schools. Before that, we collaborated with the Housing Authority in Germantown, obtaining grant money from the Mass Releaf UCC/DCR project. Hard-working members of QPCC planted dozens of flowering trees at the Riverview Family Housing Project site.

Our Sunday School Students and Youth Group members have raised dollars to purchase animals to be shared with families around the world through Heifer Project.

Locally, we work with organizations such as Interfaith Social Services, Quincy Teen Mothers, Quincy Crisis Center, Father Bill’s-Mainspring, DOVE, Habitat for Humanity and Seafarer’s.

Through the efforts of the Missions Committee and our partner faith organizations around the world, we are able to respond when a great need arises. Last year we assembled “Clean-Up Bucket Kits” to be shared through Church World Service with communities in the United States hit hard by tornadoes. WE have also collected and assembled items for School Kits and Baby Layette Kits need in impoverished area around the world.

Throughout the New Testament, we see how the compassion of Jesus reflects the generosity of God’s love. Engaging in ministries of service on behalf of those in need is one way to return thanks to God. We hope you will consider adding your time and talents to our Outreach Ministries.