Caring for God’s Creation

“Going Green” and “Living Blue”


At the beginning of October, we celebrate St. Francis Day at the Quincy Point Congregational Church.  This beloved saint is with us every Sunday, for he is pictured in the stained glass windows.  As stewards of God’s creation, Francis saw our role more as “caretakers” than “landlords.”  And so those who currently speak for our care and responsibility for God’s creation, challenging the over-use and abuse of God’s gifts, can claim Francis as a spiritual ancestor.  As we became aware of the importance of trees to our environment we collaborated with the Housing Authority in Germantown and with grant money from the Mass Re leaf UCC/DCR project we helped to plant dozens of trees at the Riverview Family Housing Project site.

In recent years we raised money to support the work of rehabilitating endangered sea turtles at the Quincy facility associated with the New England Aquarium.

As we can, we are installing new storm windows in our building and water-saving measures are next on the list.  A number of our young people have suggestions about how we can use new “green materials” and about practical ways to conserve energy and water.  Surely, even our simple efforts to tend our gardens wisely, to share, rather than hoard the earth’s bounty, to find innovative ways to re-use, rather than discard resources must be  pleasing to the Creator of heaven and earth.