Christian Education

Christian Education at the Quincy Point Congregational Church

Opportunities for learning and growing in faith are offered for all ages. During his ministry Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry and opened wide the door of welcome into his presence. But he also TAUGHT. He interpreted the scriptures, he gave us a way to live and a path to follow. Through compassion and service, he taught by example. Through the sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism he taught us about the gift of community, the blessings of grace and forgiveness, the hope of new life, renewed life and eternal life. He taught us the power and mystery of God’s love.

Let’s start with the children. Each Sunday morning when it is time for the announcement for Sunday School students and teachers to depart for their classes we see eager, smiling faces as the young folks hurry down the aisle, so excited to get to Sunday School!

It is our hope any young people enrolled in our Sunday School are building a solid faith foundation for life. We want to help them discover and use the gifts God has given them. We wish to teach them that in matters of faith, actions and words and behaviors have consequences. We want them to know that they are never alone, that the God who made them loves them very much and is present with us, even now, even today through the Holy Spirit. We want them to know something about this Jesus of Nazareth, the words he said, the life he led, the lessons he taught.

Sunday School

Our children’s Christian Education program is organized for traditional graded classrooms where the lessons are biblically based. Throughout the year there are opportunities for the children to join the rest of the church in participating in mission projects where we serve those in need.

In September 2015 we begin a new curriculum called “Deep Blue.” 

Besides Bible stories, lessons may include crafts, media and other activities. Family member usually take infants, toddlers, and pre-k students directly downstairs to their classrooms upon arrival at church on Sunday morning. Older students remain with their families or teachers in the sanctuary for the beginning of the 10 a.m. service and then go together to their classrooms after the first choir anthem.


Sunday School Students have the opportunity of participating in a Christmas play/pageant each year, as well as taking part in our annual “Church School Sunday” in June.

Special Opportunities for Students in grades 5-12


Youth Group – meets two sundays each month.  Their projects for the first part of the upcoming year are a pet food drive for the Quincy Animal Shelter,  making 100 apple crisps for the City Mission Society of Boston and also helping with the Christmas Shop at the City Mission Society.

Students with an interest in videography may go through a training session and join our Broadcast Ministry. Our worship service is taped and televised on local cable TV each week from September through June. Students sign up to be on the taping/production crew in the balcony during a service once a month
    Open to students in Grades 6-12, this ensemble will focus on worshiping God through contemporary Christian music.  Rehearsal time is split between small group instruction on an instrument and full band rehearsals.  No experience on a musical instrument is necessary.  The Pointers Rehearse from 11:15-12:00 PM after church every other week.  Prerequisite for participating in this ensemble is 3 years of Cherub Choir, or permission from the Director of Music.
    Open to students in grades 2-5.  This choir rehearses Sunday after church from 11:15-11:45 and sings in service several times per year.  In addition to singing repertoire for church, this choir focuses on material that enhances the child’s musical development.

Adult Education

Bible Study is held on Tuesdays at 9:30am.   – Starting in September 2015-  for more info see:

Besides the weekly Bible study, we often have adult learning opportunities during Advent and Lent.

We also have occasional “field trips” for learning opportunities at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston or historical sites connected with Congregational history in the Boston area. Several times a year we hold “inter-generational” events so that folks of all ages can enjoy learning and growing together.