About Us

About Our Church 

    The original congregation was gathered in 1838 near the shipyard and the sea.  Our logo is a ship in full sail.  Our symbol is an anchor, representing hope in Jesus Christ.  Our “congregational” history is shaped in part by maritime journeys of a pilgrim people who set sail to cross the Atlantic ocean and establish a community of faith in the new world wilderness.  These Pilgrim and Puritan ancestors in the faith who braved the stormy seas of the Atlantic brought with them ideas and convictions about freedom and equality which later shaped the American Patriot Spirit.

     Essential to life in the “Congregational Way” was the conviction that the Holy Scriptures should be available to everyone, not just clergy.  The ability to read was essential.  So schools, libraries and universities were established. Religion was a matter of both head and heart.  Those old reformers believed that education “liberated the human spirit.”  A passion for education is a hallmark of our faith tradition.  QPCC belongs to the United Church of Christ, whose motto comes from the Gospel of John: “That they may all be one.”

   In our worship life, we celebrate two sacraments.  Our “Trinitarian” outlook is clear in the sacrament of baptism and we practice “open Communion” at the Lord’s Table.  All who genuinely desire to participate and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to receive the bread and the cup.

     In 1948, the congregation took a risk of faith and voted to build a church for the future.  This pilgrimage involved moving the entire original building ½ mile to 444 Washington Street.  We gather in the sanctuary each Sunday to worship God with a sense of blessing, for the words of the Beatitudes are inscribed in the original stained glass windows.  Stained glass saints, prophets and apostles also surround us.  Among them are Andrew, the “fisherman saint,” and Francis who teaches us to respect and care for God’s creation.  We celebrate our global church family here at the Quincy Point Congregational Church.  People who have come the farthest include those from China, Sierra Leone, Scotland, the Philippines and India.

 Our Mission Statement 

“The mission of the Quincy Point Congregational Church is to worship God; to preach, teach and nurture Christian ideals as disciples of Jesus Christ; to administer the sacraments; and to serve and support our community and the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.”